Stimulant Fx

Discussion in ‘Supplements‘ started by Merrigan33, Oct 11, 2013.


    Merrigan33 AX Member

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    Just ordered a new stimulant fx. Not even for workouts, just for my awesome amount of college class work. Bring on the energy! I remember last semester when I was taking it. Morning classes were so much better!! Time to wash these down with a coffee every morning. Then continue the day with another and maybe a redbull if the work is a little extra boring.!

    Lukas Moderator

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    It works great when you’re lacking in energy..
    It gives you extra boost plus it works for long period of time

    Dave155 AX Sponsored Athlete

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    I use it all the time. My wife uses it for college also.

    Jenn Spitzer New Member

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    Currently using Stimulant FX for grad school and I love it! Especially since I’m cutting for a show right now, it gives me the extra energy I need to get through my day

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