About Us and our Company

Athletes need more than supplements, they need education and motivation to start and stick with a well rounded training program across training, nutrition, and supplements. We are passionate about helping athletes achieve their goals by developing effective, cutting edge, premium-quality sports nutrition supplements. Our hallmark is innovation and unsurpassed customer support. From the beginning, our customers have been our number one priority. While strict quality control, lab testing, and manufacturing under tightly controlled conditions are very important to us, they are all done for one reason – to bring you the highest quality supplements to help you reach your training goals. We pride ourselves on customer support, innovation and quality control.

Our formulators all have PhDs in either Pharmacology, Nutrition Science, or a related field. Our customer support team is staffed with certified personal trainers, nutrition experts, and competitive athletes. Not only do they understand what athletes like you are really looking for, but they also understand how to help you transform your body and performance. Our support team is ready to help you get to the next level and answer any questions you have regarding training, nutrition or supplements.



The human body is ridiculously complex. Scientists just barely mapped the human genome, and we still are no where close to curing cancer. Our products only come to market after an enormous amount of research, testing, and approval by our volunteer testers. Not anyone can formulate products that remain on the forefront of sport nutrition discovery and innovation. We hire some of the brightest minds who are not only great at what they do but also passionate about strength training.

It starts with an idea, a way to make the human body better — stronger, leaner, better. But the body highly efficient, with complex biomechanisms that try to be in constant equilibrium. The challenge is to make products that work, are safe, and do not have negative side effects. This all comes through a rigorous research and development, and we accept nothing but the best. To learn more about our product development process, see AX Product Development Process.



Whether you are a five times a week gym guy, marathon runner, mountain biker, or weekend warrior, training is at the cornerstone to reaching your health and fitness goals. No supplement can make you stronger without training, and this is where it is all in your hands, to push out those last few reps, push for that extra mile, make it all count.

We are here to help. Our Training App will guide you through a full eight week training and nutrition program that is customized for your goals and body type. We are also constantly publishing useful (and hopefully entertaining) articles about training. Our writers have tons of experience as personal trainers and degrees in exercise physiology or similar degrees. We are here to help.



Almost as important as training, you must feed your body with the right fuel to grow (or slim). Part of this comes from education and part comes from the discipline to put down the pepperoni pizza. We will do our part to help through education, new recipes to keep the healthy stuff interesting and tasting good, but just like with training, a big part is up to you, your decision and commitment to eat right.

No matter what your training goal is, we are committed to helping you reach them. Check out our articles about nutrition or head over to our community forum where tons of other AX customers and fans are eager to answer your questions.



You might wonder why a supplement company would list supplements last in a page talking about the company. We believe strongly that while supplements can dramatically improve your results in training, they are only worthwhile when combined with a good training and nutrition plan. It is often overlooked or expected that people know how to train or what to eat, but we have learned that is not always the case. Athletic Xtreme is committed to helping people reach their goals by educating about training and supplements and creating Sports Supplements that work.