• Athletes Joint Repair is a revolutionary new way for athletes to restore and re-build joint tissue with effective 100% natural ingredients.
  • Key ingredient UC-II was shown to be more than twice as effective as Glucosamine + Chondroitin in a recent clinical study.
  • For men and women athletes who are experiencing joint pain or want a safe daily supplement to maintain healthy connective joint tissue.

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  • We ran an ad for an internal study and received 582 APPLICANTS.
  • We chose 40 people based on their workout habits, type of injury, and pain they were experiencing.
  • Many had never heard of our brand.


  • Each received a 4 week supply of Athletes Joint Restore.
  • They took the product daily and documented their pain level and experience.

36 out of 40 participants

were pain free within 4 weeks.





Phil Itasca (previously had double shoulder surgery) says:

“Words can not even explain how AJR helped me. I had double shoulder surgery (both rotater cuffs and the muscle in my right shoulder re-attached) and am in constant pain. I have taken Osteo bi flex and glucosamine and all that does is lessons the pain. I was given the opportunity to try AJR and after the first week, I honestly felt like I had never had any problems with my shoulders, knees, ankles, or anything! I will be buying a years worth once it comes out because I never want to have to go without it.”

Brian Peavey (chronic knee pain) says:

“After about a week I was seeing a major difference and being able to add more weight to my squats and dead lifts. After one month I was pain free and really starting to push some weight around. I increased my squat by 50 lbs and dead lifts by 40 lbs pain free. I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to test the product and more than happy with the results.”

Bob Kupniewski (previously torn MCL) says:

“Athlete Joint Restore helped me power through contest prep with knee issues. Coming from a background where I had MCL problems and tore my MCL playing football i have sudden knee pain when performing exercises such as squat, hack squat, Stiff Leg Deadlifts, and other leg accessory movements. While utilizing AJR I found that my pain slowly subsided over the course of the 4 week while dosing the product. “

Joeseph Ree (chonic shoulder and knee pain) says:

“I noticed relief after just 3 or 4 days. I continued using it for the next 4 weeks and it helped enough that i almost forgot about the pain. It wasn’t until i stopped using AJR and went back to my old supplement that sure enough the pain came back. “



BiovaFlex® (natural eggshell membrane)

AX is the first company in the sports nutrition industry to use this novel joint repair ingredient which is comprised of water soluable proteins and peptides. Recent clinical studies have shown that eggshell membrane supplementation can significantly improve flexibility within 10 days. Click here to learn more.

UC-II® (undenatured type II collagen)

Every serving of Athletes Joint Restore clontains the same clinical dose that was proven more effective than Gocosamine and Chondroitin. UC-II® consists of Undenatured (native) Type II Collagen that works with the immune system to support healthy joints and promote joint mobility and flexibility. Click here to learn more.

Cat’s Claw Extract (for Uncaria Tomentosa)

Prevents production of the bodies pro-inflammatory proteins to reduce swelling and facilitate tissue repair. In a recent clinicaly study participats that took Cat’s Claw extract had a sigificant reduction in their joint pain. Click here to learn more.

Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol)

And finally, a massive, clinically studied dose of Vitamin D3, whch is required for healthy bone growth and repair, and has shown significant pain-related benefits in recent open-label clinical trials and may increase athletic performance, raise testosterone levels, and reduce muscle injuries in Vitamin D3 deficient athletes. Click here to learn more.