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Vitamin D3 and Athletes

Last Updated: May 10, 2012 02:15PM MST
Athletes Joint Restore contains the clinical dose of (5,000 IU's) Vitamin D3, which is required for healthy bone growth and repair, and has shown significant pain-related benefits in recent clinical trials. This clinical dose helps increase athletic performance, raise testosterone levels, and reduce muscle injuries in Vitamin D3 deficient athletes.

Of importance to athletes is the function of Vitamin D3 as it relates to overall health, bone density, innate immunity, muscle wasting, and exercise-related inflammation and immunity.  To train optimally, an athlete should not have any nutrient deficiencies.

The amount of vitamin D that athletes get from their food, even if they take multi-vitamin supplements, is not enough for optimal performance. Recent studies suggest that most westerners do not have optimum levels of Vitamin D  because we spend far less time outside. We shut ourselves up in our caves of brick and concrete and spend most of the day inside.

How much activated vitamin D is available to your brain, muscle, and nerves depends on the amount of Vitamin D in your blood. In turn, how much Vitamin D is in your blood depends on how much vitamin D you put in your mouth or how often you expose your skin to sunlight.  The Vitamin D Council believes that everyone who wants to be sure that they have enough Vitamin D in their blood for optimal performance should take 5,000 IU's of vitamin D3 in the form of pills every day.  Athletes Joint Restore has you covered.

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