The Beginner’s Guide To Exercise: Part 1

Brandon Hahn September 4, 2013 Training Articles

So, the time has finally arrived. You’ve set a date, bought a calendar, and marked the day. What do you do now? You have some clippings of workouts from a magazine, but are they for beginners? Do you know how to perform these exercises? There is a lot of information out there, but it’s all in pieces. You search the topic and get directed everywhere. There are very few all-in-one plans. Well, the all-in-one plan has arrived.

Exercise requires time, dedication, knowledge, patience, and many other things. You need to establish a reasonable amount of time throughout the week purely dedicated to exercise. Results come with time, and it is up to you to dedicate your time to achieve the desired results. Patience is also key because weight loss, muscle gain, and any other goals, require time and patience. It’s time to lay out the step-by-step plan to get you moving towards a better you!

Step 1. Define your goals.

The best thing to do is make a list. Grab a pen and paper, and write it down. Whatever floods your brain. You need to write these down and establish a timeline of when you want to achieve these goals. You may want to lose weight, gain muscle, take your shirt off at the beach, or any health related goal. What can be accomplished with time, dedication, and exercise is limitless. Establish a timeline for each goal so it can be achieved. Setting lofty goals is fine, but losing 50 pounds in one month (for the average individual) is a bit unreasonable. However, that goal is not too much for a 4 to 6 month goal.

Step 2. Get people onboard.

It is nice to have someone by your side every step of the way. Someone that can motivate you and someone you can motivate in return. Working with a partner is proven to increase your likelihood of sticking with a program. A partner may be difficult to get onboard, but you still need a supporting cast. Your family needs to support what you are trying to accomplish. Sit down with your family and let them know your plan. You can spell it all out or just enough detail so they understand this is important to you. With the support of those around you it is much easier to steer clear of temptation.

Step 3. Find a location for exercise

Not all gyms are made equal. Some are a bit more intense, whereas others are a bit more family friendly. Choose your environment wisely. The last thing you need is another reason to not go to the gym. The gym should also have the equipment that suits your needs. Some towns have one or more gyms, whereas others have one or none. If there is not a gym close enough to you, then look for used equipment online. Home gym equipment is very easy to come across. Machines are the choice for some and free weights are the choice for others. Whatever gets you started, and keeps you wanting to exercise, will be the best choice. Free weights (i.e. weights that are not affixed to a machine or piece of equipment) are the better choice because they are limitless. Machines obviously have their limits.

Simple Home Gym:
Adjustable bench – choose a comfortable bench that can incline, decline, and go flat.
Adjustable dumbbells – you can buy the handles and weight plates from your local sporting goods store or even walmart. Buy 2 handles for one set of dumbbells, or buy 4 handles to have a bit more freedom. With 2 sets of adjustable dumbbells, you can easily move from one exercise to the other.
Believe it or not, that’s really all it takes to start.
Personal note: My current home gym consists of 2 sets of adjustable dumbbells that can be as heavy as 160 pounds per dumbbell. I have an adjustable bench, a rack (racks are a piece of equipment that allows you to place a barbell at varying heights safely), 2 barbells, and a roman chair (which was a gift). Very simple, and it started with the dumbbells and a bench. I was able to do anything I needed. As time passed, I continued to build my home gym arsenal for variety.

Stay tuned for part 2 when we dive further into the step-by-step plan to begin exercising!


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