Why did you choose to lift?

Brandon Hahn March 19, 2015 Training Articles
Why did you choose to lift?

When you decide to begin weight training you will be setting a goal. That goal is determined based upon several things and one of which will be why you are actually going to lift. This simple determining factor will have long term effects and will constantly sit in your mind. Why did you choose to lift?

I have been training for over 10 years. When you ask someone how long they are training, it ends up being sub-categories. From that simple question, you can begin to determine why that person chose to lift. The next time you ask someone this question you will be able to notice something in particular. If it is a simple answer of “5 years”, that person is likely there just to say he or she is there. The true lifters have a much more in depth response. Ask and you will see. Now, the key to this is to see who is satisfied with their results thus far and who isn’t. An unsatisfied lifters is going to be the one with the breakdown, as follows;

I have been lifting for about 10 years now. 5 of those years would be competitive lifting and about 7 altogether have been consistent.

What does this have to do with anything? It tells you that this person needed to elaborate on a simple question. People that elaborate tend to be dissatisfied with the current result. They are trying to let you know a few things like, “don’t judge me by what you see, because this is going to change”. It’s interesting to see it unfold, so go ahead and ask away.

The way of the barbell

The iron brotherhood as they call it and that will likely need an update to ensure the female crowd gets their fair inclusion. In any case, we all want to improve for various reasons. Maybe you feel it’ll be easier to pick up someone from the opposite sex. It’s possible you don’t like what you see in the mirror. You may have started because of sports. No matter the reason, you are here now.

The goal is to keep that drive alive. If it’s something negative that drove you to exercise, be sure to find peace with whatever happened. Constantly dwelling on things just makes you angry. If it happened 10 years ago, then you seriously need to get over it. It’s important to have a drive, but don’t live in the past. Look forward to what you will become. Use that as your guiding light.

So, why did you?

It would be really great to hear what you have to say on this matter. I’d like to open this up into a forum of sorts. The goal is simple; find out why you decided to exercise. I want to hear your story. What got you here and why? Please click here to our facebook page. Send us a message on the page or simply post to the page. I will be sure to respond to let you know I saw your response. I want to see what motivated you to get started. I will share a bit as to why I started. I wasn’t satisfied with how I looked. I wanted to be more attractive for the ladies, and I thought lifting was the only way to do that. Yes, that’s a bit shortsighted but it was the truth at that time. Now, it’s your turn.

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