Rauwolscine or Yohimbine?

Bob Kupniewski March 19, 2015 Supplement Articles
Rauwolscine or Yohimbine?

Rauwolscine HCL, also known as (Alpha Yohimbine), is a diastereoisomers of Yohimbine which is a popular fatloss agent on the market. The reason it is labeled this is because of the three diastereoisomers that combine and make the product. Due to it being similar to yohimbine and acting as an antagonist to improve fat burning, induce fatloss, and preserving fat reserves this makes it a popular choice as a fatloss agent. What we do know is that Yohimbine has been studied in a great degree, whereas Alpha yohimbine (Rauwolscine) not so much.

Is it really Alpha?

One could say it is the Alpha in terms of being the leader. The main and major difference right out of the gate is the overall potency even though it affects the same receptor. As a short analogy we could use creatine monohydrate and creapure. Creapure being a higher effective form of creatine compared to creatine monohydrate (possibly the most studied creatine on the market). This gives you a small idea of how potency can be variant in the supplement industry to a slight degree.

What is Yohimbine?

First of all lets talk about yohimbine and get an understanding on the compound before we talk about Alpha Yohimbine. Yohimbine is a tree (an evergreen to be exact) that grows in regions in Africa and various countries outside of the United States. Yohimbine bark is taken from the trees and is used and sold in various supplements and medicines. Yohimbine is a major component in the main alkaloid (and main active component) within yohimbine that produces the desired effects (like fat loss) from the yohimbine bark.

This may sound confusing but as you can see, the Yohimbine is really what we want, not yohimbine bark (the tree). This is why we want Yohimbine HCl (like what most bulk companies sell in capsule form, or what is mostly found in the pre-workout/fat burner products). That way, we know what dose we are getting and can control the amount carefully, thus minimizing any side effects that one might experience while using this great supplement. Most people utilizing yohimbine start with far too much and they get the jitters. Err on the lower side of dosing for this ingredient and aim for the 2.5mg per serving dosage.

A great author that wrote a lot about Yohimbine HCL would be Lyle McDonald especially in his stubborn fatloss protocol book. Inside you can see how Lyle will set up his Stubborn Fat Protocol to suit the individual. If you wish to pick up this book I highly suggest it not only for more information on Yohimbine, but also for dosing protocols for fat loss.

What is Rauwolscine?

Rauwolscine is an indole alkaloid with stimulant, aphrodisiac and local anaesthetic effects found naturally in plants of the genus Rauwolfia and Pausinystalia (Similar to Yohimbine but from a different plant). Rauwolscine is a relatively new substance and as such is not currently found in a lot of products (it is found in products like AX’s Slim FX). Rauwolscine is becoming a more popular fat loss agent, so you will continue to see it added to fat loss products. Rauwolscine seems to be taking the lead over yohimbine, but only time will tell.

Why Rauwolscine versus yohimbine?

Again we talked about how they both antagonize alpha2 adrenoceptors, but the rauwolscine just has a higher potency compared to regular Yohimbine. Rauwolscine will not antagonize alphta 1 adrenoceptors, which can hinder lipolysis (which could slow down fatburning and fatloss). Remember that the rauwolscine does not bind to yohimbine making it more prone to being lipophilic.

Fat Attack

Yohimbine is promoted to help attack stubborn fat due to rauwolscine being a superior source. This may increase norepinephrine and prevent the storage of new fat especially in a fatloss phase. This could also be used on a lean bulk or recomp to help prevent fat gain and continue to grow lean muscle. Not only that but the rauwolscine can improve serotonin like effects due to being able to saturate more receptors at the same dose as regular Yohimbine.

The Jitters

Possibly the biggest factor with rauwolscine (compared to yohimbine) is the amount of anxiety or jitters people get when taking the ingredient. The biggest side effect when someone mentions Yohimbine is feeling jittery and very anxious due to inclusion of this ingredient. People will dose it upon waking and then start feeling like they are going to get an anxiety attack (common in yohimbine). Rauwolscine on the other hand will negate this side effect and make it easier to consume for those who cannot tolerate regular yohimbine. Which also makes rauwolscine a popular choice when stacking a ECA stack for cutting. This will help prevent blood pressure from increasing and make dieting an easier experience in the long run as calories drop and cardio may increase.

Blood Pressure

Science does not have much backing to rauwolscine due to the limited amount of studies. However, an individual named Rockhold in the early 2000’s did have research showing the difference in blood pressure. When comparing a morning dose of Yohimbine to rauwolscine, there was a higher increase in the Yohimbine group compared to the rauwolscine group. This was possibly due to the alpha 2 adrenoreceptor we talked about earlier.

Overall rauwolscine does bear benefits over yohimbine, but is it enough to justify investing in one? That would be up to the individual but the evidence does show rauwolscine has the advantage.  Both are great fatloss agents, and both will aid attacking stubborn fat during a fatloss or a lean gaining phase. As with all supplement usage, it is up to the supplement user to determine which is better for his or her self.

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