NEW Mass FX Black – 9 Bucks Limited Supply

Team AX March 9, 2013 Supplement Articles
NEW Mass FX Black – 9 Bucks Limited Supply

To celebrate the launch of our highly anticipated Mass FX black, 600 of you get to buy it at our cost ( $9.79 up to 600 bottles). And BONUS if it hits 600 buys everyone will only be charged $7.79.

Check it out here.

With Mass FX Black you get an entire non-prop blend, accurately dosed product that boosts testosterone, reduces estrogen, intensifies insulin, and naturally enriches your blood with more erythropoietin (EPO) for nine bucks, seven bucks if it hits 600.

Don’t miss out. Get in on this deal right now.

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  • Crystal Castillo

    Can females take this?

    • BrandonAxtreme

      A female could take it with caution, knowing that it will boost testosterone.
      Test does have side effects for women.