How to burn more calories

Brandon Hahn June 25, 2013 Training Articles
How to burn more calories

It’s a simple quest. You want to burn calories efficiently and effectively. That’s the proper approach, especially due to hormones wreaking havoc on your body if you exercise for too long. There are various forms of exercise out there, and everyone has their preference. Step one is to exercise, and step two is to keep exercising. Beyond that comes several factors as to how to burn more calories. I mean you can continue exercising, but that would result in a withered body and possible death (see:Pheidippides). Let’s check out how to burn more calories, and do with efficiency.

Time is of the essence

Time is always a key factor. I’ve presented in front of groups about the benefits of exercise. The most common issue among people was time. They felt that they just didn’t have enough time to exercise. Things happened, and they missed their workout. Well, what if you could burn calories AFTER your workout? Wouldn’t that help quite a bit?

EPOC is the key factor to stimulate Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (aka EPOC). This means that the body will continue to burn calories at an accelerated rate after exercise. As we exercise, especially at higher intensity, the body begins to burn various forms of energy. Once the anaerobic threshold is reached, the body ends up reaching a limit. At this point, the body becomes like a credit card that is accumulating debt. The more spent, the longer it takes to recover. So, the body then needs to begin paying this back once exercise has stopped. Yes, EPOC just gave you a reason to “go for broke” on each AND every training day. There are varying ways to ensure that EPOC remains higher in certain instances. The key is to find the right type of exercise to ensure this little known benefit is utilized to its’ full potential.

Which Exercises are the best?

The exercises that require short bursts of intensity. If weight training was triggered at the moment you read that sentence, you are on the right track. The more intense the exercise, and the more energy required during the intense bout, the greater the EPOC response. There are different types of exercises and different ways to further boost EPOC in your current system.

  • Number 1. Perform High Intensity Intervals. Whether it be from HIIT training with weights or cardio, this type of training stimulates the greatest EPOC response.
  • Number 2. Train with weights. Most should or already are doing this, but if you aren’t it’s time to add it in.
  • Number 3. Reduce rest periods. For those currently training, you can easily boost EPOC by reducing your rest periods.
  • Number 4. Increase the weight (i.e. intensity). It should already be a goal to increase the weight you are using for your weight program. However, it is vital that you maintain this focus to ensure you can burn sufficient calories.

Utilizing EPOC is important, especially since this boost in calorie burning potential can last for up to 48 hours. This does not necessarily mean an additional 1000 calories will be burned after your workout. What it does mean is that you can expect more calories burned after your workout. These freebie calories offer a nice boost, especially for those looking for a nice hard and lean look (i.e. EVERYONE). Be sure to stick with anaerobic forms of exercise as that form of exercise has the greatest EPOC potential.

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