7 Diet Tips For Summer

Brandon Hahn June 27, 2013 Nutrition Articles
7 Diet Tips For Summer

Summer is upon us, well for the most part.  You’ve been hitting your weekly goals and are still on the right path.  A few pool parties and trips to the beach can land you in a world of hurt.  Snacking throughout the day along with a few adult beverages can ruin your plans.  Keep on the right track with these diet tips.  You can have fun, just be smart about it!

1. Pack Healthy Snacks

The best way to eliminate temptation is to have a plan and stick to it!  Plan out your snacks and coordinate them to fit into your daily caloric intake.

2. Make a naughty list

There are foods that may trigger you to stray off course.  Write these down, and add a comment next to them.  ”Oreo’s. They are filled with lard.” A little trash talk for your favorite foods can be a great reminder to stay away from them.

3. Pick up some resistance bands

When travelling it can be difficult to find the perfect location with a gym on site (or nearby).  Rather than going somewhere else, pack some resistance bands.  They offer a great workout and the levels of resistance range from very light to extremely heavy.

4. Treat yo’ self

Just be sure to treat yo’ self properly.  Fro-yo is becoming quite popular and available everywhere.  Grab this instead of the tub of ice cream for a nice cool treat on a hot day.

5. Breath mints and gum

It’s easier to stave off cravings by chewing on some gum or using a breath mint.  There are quite a few options these days to help with cravings.  Companies are making dessert flavored (sugar-free) gum to allow you to have a taste of goodness without the calories.

6. Workout in the A.M.

Morning workouts allow you to wakeup and they can also help make sure you hit the gym.  Working out after work can be a drag.  It might bring you down, or the heat may get to you.  Not all gyms have air conditioning, and the cooler temps in the a.m. can help make sure you don’t overheat.

7. Get some color

You can catch some Summer rays, but we are referring to farmer’s markets.  Head out to the local farmer’s market and get some real fresh produce.  Look to add color to your meals which is more appealing to the eye and appears more appetizing.

There you have it, 7 great tips to help stay the course throughout the Summer.  As always, remember to stay hydrated, and try to keep a few water bottles in the frig.  This allows for a constant rotation and a nice cool drink.  Stay healthy and stay the course!  Any questions, email [email protected].

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