Are supplements dangerous?

Brandon Hahn June 6, 2013 Supplement Articles
Are supplements dangerous?

There is a lot of information swirling around the news. Are the pills you’ve been taking dangerous? What’s going to happen to you? I mean if the news says it’s true, it has to be… right? Well, the funny thing about the news is that it is often misleading. Guiding you into one direction before giving you a half answer, and leaving you with more questions. So, are supplements really dangerous or is this one giant conspiracy?

Understand your supplement

The problem I often hear is that people decided to take a new supplement for X reason. When I ask why, I usually get the same response. “My bro said it worked for him, so I’m givin it a try.” After a brief discussion on the supplements, and supplement industry, they continue on their path. My input is simple, learn about your supplement. Research the ingredients, know the company, and check for quality. Without this info, you could be taking a tainted supplement. The problem is not always on the manufacturer, but on the user. If someone off the street offered you a bottle of pills that were supposed to burn fat, would you take one? I HOPE the answer would be no. Unfortunately, some people might pop that pill. Then, end up on the 11 o’clock news complaining about tainted supplements.

Know your health history

If you have a history of heart issues in your family, then steer clear of supplements. Any type of pre-existing condition should mean that you see a doctor before popping any pill. Just remember that your decisions do not just effect you. They effect your family and friends, as well as all people who enjoy the freedom to supplement wisely. Misuse of supplements by not following labels leads to the unjust banning of supplements. Understand that when you pop a pill, you are responsibility. Do not go blaming someone else for your choices. If you take double or triple the dose, you made that decision. Supplements are a benefit to us all, and people do not want to see them taken away.

Be honest with yourself

If you are in poor health, you should not opt for supplements as your first choice. Aim to fix your lifestyle before trying other things. Fix your diet and start exercising. People are always in search of a miracle pill that will NEVER exist. You simply cannot cheat hardwork and dedication. The people that make excuses about others are often the same people sitting on the couch every night. Meanwhile, the person they were talking about is AT THE GYM. If you choose to take supplements, be sure it is for the right reasons.

This may have seemed like a page long rant. However, it is simply a shout from the mountaintop to get people to wake up. Stop making choices and blaming others. There is no time like the present to get your head on straight. We need to start making the right choices. We are in a society where they may actually ban supersized beverages because people cannot control their bad decisions. Stand up and wake up. It’s time to get educated!

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