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Ultra Reps

  • What is Ultra Reps

    Ultra Reps™ is a one of a kind endurance drink that gives you enhanced workout endurance and performance while…

    Mar 21, 2012 01:26AM MST
  • Can you mix Ultra Reps with other pre-workouts?

    Yes you can. Ultra Reps is stimulant free, so you can combine Ultra Reps with your favorite pre-workout formul…

    Jan 08, 2012 01:46PM MST
  • What is L-Carnosine?

    That’s a great question. Carnosine is formed when two aminos, Beta-Alanine and L-Histidine, combine. What Carn…

    Jan 08, 2012 01:47PM MST
  • What is Carnosine and is it better than Beta Alanine?

    A protective micro-coating has been strategically wrapped around Carnosine for two very important reasons. Fir…

    Jan 08, 2012 01:50PM MST
  • What kind of creatine is in Ultra Reps?

    Ultra Reps contains German Creatine Monohydrate. Not all creatines are created equal. German Creapure® Creati…

    Jan 08, 2012 01:51PM MST
  • What can you stack with Ultra Reps?

    Ultra Reps is an incredibly versatile product. As noted above, it can be stacked with your favorite stimulant …

    Jan 08, 2012 01:52PM MST
  • What are the ingredients?

    You can find the ingredients by clicking on the below link. Remember, it’s important for optimal results to f…

    Jan 11, 2012 11:08AM MST
  • I thought Theobromine was a stimulant?

    Theobromine is a cardiovascular stimulant that has little to no affect on the CNS (central nervous system). At…

    Apr 19, 2012 11:19PM MST

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