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What is Carnosine and is it better than Beta Alanine?

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2012 01:50PM MST
A protective micro-coating has been strategically wrapped around Carnosine for two very important reasons. First, it enhances delivery of Carnosine into the muscles. Second, it also allows for a far smaller does to be used. This extends an incredible savings in cost when compared to Beta-Alanine supplementation, and results in faster benefits to athletes.

Beta-Alanine, prior to Ultra Reps, was preferred by athletes over Carnosine for two reasons. First, normal (non bio-coated) Carnosine is poorly absorbed. Second, what little is absorbed is quickly metabolized by the carnosinase enzyme in the blood stream. So to supplement with regular Carnosine was rather ineffective until now. And to be effective, it was quite expensive.
Compared to regular, non micro-coated Carnosine, Beta-Alanine absorbs better, is cost effective, and forms Carnosine within the muscle. But athletes have noted two substantial downfalls.
First, Beta-Alanine needs to be taken for 4-8 weeks before peak Carnosine levels are reached within the muscle. That's a long time to wait for benefits. Second, Beta-Alanine supplementation results in paraesthesia. Paraesthesia is a form of neuropathic pain characterized by the sensation of tingling, pricking, and/or numbness of the skin. This is commonly referred to as the "pins and needles" effect.
Thus, the protective bio-coating applied to the Carnosine in Ultra Reps has many monumental benefits over regular Beta-Alanine. First, the results are immediate. Long 4-8 week loading times are not required to experience benefits. Second, it is more cost effective. Third, micro-coated Carnosine prevents paraethesia from ocurring. There's no tingling, no pricking, and no numbness of the skin that occurs.
So yes, the micro-coating technology applied to the L-Carnosine used in Ultra Reps is superior in every way to old-school Beta-Alanine, and will deliver the results you're looking for – from your very first serving!

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