What are the best supplement stacks?

Brandon Hahn February 21, 2013 Supplement Articles

Supplements are not a random selection. The decision to pair product A with product B (and possibly C and D), must have synergy. You wouldn’t want to inhibit your hunger, while training to gain weight. Nor would you want to lose weight while using a product to stimulate hunger. Believe it or not, this could be exactly what you are doing. Going by what you overhear at the gym or see in an ad, can lead you down the wrong path. It’s time you got STACKED properly.

Introducing STAX

It’s time to step up your game. Let’s look at some stacks that are geared towards the results YOU are looking for. Burn fat? Build muscle? Increase energy? All of the above. Ask and you shall receive. Below is a list of the best STAX available. We are presenting the best supplements from the AX arsenal. If you’ve got a goal (and we hope you do), then we’ve got you covered!

Muscle Growth STAX

Supplement Arsenal

  • MassFX – Proven to boost testosterone by over 98%
  • German Creatine – The purest version of creatine available
  • Ultra Reps – Feel stronger and stronger each AND every workout
  • Supersize – Boosts Nitric Oxide with Leucine Nitrate
  • AXcell – Prevents muscle catabolism and provides fuel to your muscles

This stack includes a potent testosterone booster to ensure your hormones are at peak levels for growth. We’re going to add in German Creatine to ensure your ATP levels are at their max. This will ensure every rep is pure muscle building growth. On top of that we’ve added the dynamic duo of Ultra Reps and Supersize. That means even MORE reps along with a stellar pump to make you feel jacked and the endurance to fight your way from start to finish. Then, you’ll ice that cake (well, top off the protein shake) with some AXcell to promote energy, endurance, recovery, and growth.

Fat Burning STAX

Supplement Arsenal

  • SlimFX – 12 Hours of pure fat incineration
  • LeanFX – Preserves muscle and effectively blocks cortisol (Recently Re-formulated!)
  • Athletes Joint Restore – Protects joints and reduces inflammation
  • AXcell – Helps preserve muscle by providing Essential Amino Acids

We start off the Fat Burning STAX with a solid fat burner and appetite suppressant. 12 solid hours of energy, appetite suppression, and fat elimination. Cortisol can wreak havoc during your workouts and prolonged dieting. So, adding a cortisol blocker to the mix will keep your fat burning potential at peak levels. Dieting can leave your body feeling achy with dry, sore joints, so a product to help keep those joints lubricated is ideal. Finish it off with the muscle preserving effects of a precise blend of Amino Acids!

Infinite Energy STAX

Supplement Arsenal

  • SlimFX – 12 hours of pure energy
  • Stimulant X – The all day energy pill and mood stimulator
  • AXcell – Spares muscle glycogen to promote longer workouts

So, you are craving energy? Let’s get to the point, you want it all day, everyday, and we’ve got you covered. Start the day off with 1-2 caps of the 12 hour energy blast (SlimFX). If that energy starts to wear off, then pop a cap of the all day energy pill (Stimulant X) around mid afternoon. Ideally, you wouldn’t need to stack these. However, since you are an energy fiend, we had to get you covered. Be warned that this stack contains a hefty dose of stimulants, and is not ideal for everyone. To be sure your body has enough fuel, you need to provide it the proper fuel. So, to round it off (there seems to be a theme here) you need the perfect blend of essential amino’s (What can I say, AXcell rules)!

BAM! Talk about your one-stop shop! No matter the goal AX is ready to step in and keep you moving forward. There is no time to waste. Choose your supplement STAX of choice, and get started NOW! If you can’t tell, I’ve been on the Infinite Energy STAX for a few weeks. It’s definitely helping me with my current contest prep and any one of these STAX are going to help you too!

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