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Brandon Hahn April 2, 2013 Athletic Xtreme News

When we read stories in magazines it all seems the same.  The pro bodybuilder does a 5 day split, 4 exercises per body part, 12- to 16 sets per body part, and 8 to 12 reps per set.  Is there a template out there that pushes this extremely basic training platform?  There’s no need for magic exercises, but we’d prefer to hear exactly what YOU are doing.  We decided to hunt down a pro and hear insight on how he trains.  It’s time for a sitdown with IFBB Pro Michael Bevins!

What made you decide to become a bodybuilder?

I always had a true passion for the sport ever since I was a little kid looking at old FLEX magazines. My father has always been into bodybuilding so I essentially caught the bug from him.

What obstacles did you face on your journey to becoming an IFBB Pro?

Going through a divorce, moving from Ohio to Georgia, and being unemployed for almost a year and still trying to actively compete was the most difficult obstacle I went through while still chasing at that pro card. I can honestly say hard works pays off and I’ve got my own story to tell.

What does an IFBB Pro’s workout plan look like?

I do an hour of fasted cardio in the morning without fail. Then in the afternoon, I do heavy weights starting with 75% of my max. As soon as I dial into where I want to be I do a circuit for my workouts with light weights and very high repetitions to maintain my progress.

What’s your favorite bodypart and why?

Shoulders are my favorite body part to workout. I’m pretty wide which helps with my symmetry and overall appearance.

What does your eating regimen look like in the off-season and during competition?

Off-season I try to keep it pretty clean with the occasional cheat meal. I don’t focus hard on my carbs, protein, and caloric intake so much though. During the season I scale and prepare all my meals in advance so they’re ready for me in the morning. I stay pretty consistent and and take my meal schedule very seriously so that I’m not off track. It mostly consist of tilapia, sweet potatoes, asparagus, and steak.

What are your future plans in this sport?

I want to continue to compete for as long as my body allows me to, coach my team so they to can achieve their dreams in fitness, and possibly move on to someday judging shows in the NPC. The sky is the limit at this point and I refuse to miss a single day.

What AX Supplements are you currently taking?

I’m taking the SUPERSIZE and Athletes Joint Restore currently but I love all the AX products. I haven’t tried them all quite yet but I definitely plan to.

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