The top 5 calorie burning activities

Brandon Hahn May 21, 2013 Training Articles

Everyone likes to know that they are burning calories. Some might even assume they burned over 1000 calories in one session. Well, we’ve compiled the top five calorie burning activities. We will cover some other factors as well. Curious if some of your favorite activities fall in the top 5? Well, keep reading.

Each activity is based on calories burned for a 200 pound individual.

1. Running

It is no shock that running burns the most calories. Running takes a physical toll on the body and requires everything to fire in unison. It requires good shoes and a great playlist on your ipod. If running is your choice of exercise, be sure to; warm-up properly, warm the proper footwear, and stay hydrated.
Calories burned per hour: 1074 (8 mph pace)

2. Jump rope

It was a favorite of Rocky’s, so why not? Jumping rope is in EVERY boxer’s regimen and it should be added to yours. Jumping rope requires a lot of effort from the calves and shoulders to maintain rhythm. It also requires a lot of focus to maintain that rhythm. Trying to jump rope for a solid hour may be difficult. So be sure to pace yourself and know that you are burning a TON of calories!
Calories burned per hour: 1074/strong>

3. Tae Kwon Do

Martial arts is intense! It requires great flexibility, focus, and determination. This activity also requires power from your arms and legs. Its’ combination of blocks, strikes, kicks, and other defensive movements makes it a fantastic calorie burner. If you accelerate with this activity, you may be able to achieve a “black” belt. The black belt is one of the highest honors of martial arts.
Calories burned per hour: 937

4. Stepmill

This activity reminds me of walking up an escalator the wrong way. These machines are brutal but you will burn serious calories. The combination of a treadmill and stairstepper make this a true leg workout. Be sure to keep your core tight and do not hold the handrails. A tight core supports posture which is better than holding the handrails to remain upright. Plus, holding the rails also requires less work from you and causes you to burn 10% less calories per hour.
Calories burned per hour: 819

5. Football or Basketball (pick-up game)

Who doesn’t love a good pick-up game? These activities will burn plenty of calories and leave you sore the next day. It’s a great reason to throw on your old jersey and get a group of people together. These activities are not only getting you healthier, but they help you relive the glory days, too!
Calories burned per hour: 728

The activities in the top 5 simply require the most effort from the body. However, all activities are important to us since they keep us healthy. So, you can keep doing your favorite activities even if they didn’t fall in the top 5. The key is that you are burning calories doing something you enjoy! Continue to do your favorite activities and if one of these spark your interest, give it a try!

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