The Fat Loss Resolution Plan: Part 1

Brandon Hahn January 6, 2013 Nutrition Articles
The Fat Loss Resolution Plan: Part 1

The new year has arrived, and you are scrambling for a plan to get chiseled. The clock is ticking for your beach body. The season of eating is over and your waistline is showing the results. You did well, right? I mean, your jeans barely fit and you have decided it’s time for a change. That’s not a bad thing. That my friend is pure flippin motivation! Sometimes all it takes is a glance in the mirror, looking at old photos, or simply have a realization that you are no longer you. It’s time for a New Year’s Resolution, and we’ve got the plan for you!

Step 1. Clean house.

The worst thing you can do is leave temptations around your place. Get rid of any junk food, and donate it if possible. You may be giving away “junk” food but it can still feed someone. It’s time to start off the year right by eating healthy or healthier. Diving into the pool is a better approach than testing the waters. Going back and forth with high’s and low’s often leads to more low’s than high’s. Sometimes it’s the progression in phases that causes the issue. You allow yourself simple pleasures (snacks, greasy meals, etc.), and then times get tough. The excuses start rolling in and you’ve derailed. Again, just dive in to a full on diet overhaul. Healthy eating does not mean you are sacrificing all flavor.

Step 2. Join a gym or amp up your program.

The worst thing someone can do is attempt a fat loss resolution without exercise. Exercise can help increase insulin sensitivity, improve your blood panel, and help your body burn more fat. Those are a few examples of the extremely long list of benefits of exercise. So you either start exercising or amp up your current program, no excuses. Going to the gym when it’s convenient won’t cut it. You need to get serious about this! No one wants to find out they gained the “freshman 15″ or to bump into old friends and realize they were the one that “fell off”. It’s time you beefed up your program.

Your exercise program should exploit your weaknesses in the process. If you have a weak chest, work it more often. It doesn’t make sense to continue working areas with equal proportions without balancing your physique. So, if you have a weak chest, try to work it twice per week. The first time should be rather heavy (4-8 reps per set), the latter portion should be lighter (8-12 reps per set).

Also, be sure to get to the meat of your program as quickly as possible. Each rep is energy, and if you spend several sets building up to your working weight, you are wasting energy. Warm-up properly, and get to moving weight. The preferred method is a reverse pyramid. This is accomplished (after properly warming) by utilizing the heaviest weight first, and progressively reduce the weight. This way your energy is used at it’s most obvious point of need, i.e. on your heaviest sets and as early as possible.

Step 3. Create a challenge with a friend.

You more than double your likelihood of maintaining your exercise program by having a friend join in. Oh, and everyone enjoys a friendly challenge. Setup a plan for the winner. Decide how a winner will be determined. Then, decide the reward for winning. Whatever the reward, just make sure it’s worth the effort. You need this to be a motivating factor rather than the excuse. If the prize is worth it, you will be more motivated to continue even if things get rough. Even though you are competing against each other, be sure to continue encouraging each other. You need the support and so does your friend.

Alright, so you have the few simple steps it takes to get started. Now, let’s look at a few tips to get you shedding serious weight! Be sure to keep an eye out for Part 2 of this 2 part series!

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