The Cost of Being Fit

Cavino Johnson December 13, 2013 Training Articles

So, you’ve trained, changed your eating habits, dropped the weight, made the sacrifices, changed your lifestyle for the good and it took many months or even years!!  Your supporters are proud of you. They all wish that they had your discipline, drive and commitment. You’re an inspiration to them. What many people don’t know are the dark parts of your healthy lifestyle journey.  Only a small handful of your closest family and friends KNOW what you have been through.

The Good

You decide to share your journey on social media, showing your “before and after” pictures. You post the ever popular “selfies” after a great training session. You post a picture of you flexing in the brand new jeans or shirt you weren’t able to wear before. Then, it begins…

The Bad

Your pics become flooded with comments. Most of them positive but they are soon followed by extreme negativity. These come with the intent to sting, to hurt, to dismantle, and enrage. These comments come from complete strangers. People that have no intention of ever apologizing. Their only intention is to focus on making you feel weak and small.

The Shameful

It is shameful that people find it necessary to belittle the ones that have, will and do whatever it takes. There are times when these physical transformations come with a transformed mind state.  One filled with an ego with an “I’m better than you” attitude. Which is just as damaging. But, that’s not to say that all transformed adapt such a way of thinking. Most, are humble and willing to share their journey and want to help others accomplish their own.

Why the bashing?

You did all this work for the betterment of self, so why do people “hate” you for it? Usually, these comments of disapproval come from people that believe happiness comes from doing and having whatever you want, whenever you want. They believe that it shouldn’t have to go to that extreme of changing everything about yourself. It also comes from the insecurities of others. They hate what they see when they look at you because they, themselves, can not (or have never truly tried) achieve such incredible feats. What better way for them to feel better about their shortcomings than to “hate” on those that have accomplished goals that were set?

There will always be those who will negate every positive thing you have done and will do. Here’s my advice. You have two options:

a) let it get under your skin and derail your success

b) learn to block it out.

I have personally experienced similar behavior. It ranges from all things and the list continues.  Here’s a few if you are interest:

  • Accused of steroids or other drugs to build muscle

  • Questions of my “obsession” or my commitment

  • Negative remarks due to the amount of work I’ve put into becoming what and who I am.

It used to bother me, and, in a way, still does. Not because these individuals make me feel bad about myself, but because I can never figure out why.  Why they are so against someone doing something good for themselves, especially when I am always readily willing to help. Do as you have been. Train hard. Forge the lifestyle you desire. It really is different than what most people do or how they see success. But, it is YOUR life. You live it and they don’t, so keep on living it. Steer clear of people that downplay your accomplishments and surround yourself with people that appreciate you and your journey. Sometimes these positive people can be more nourishing than the good foods you eat.

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A decade into the sport of natural bodybuilding, Cavino has won many competitions and currently holds a pro card. He also has personal training, group fitness and sports nutrition certifications that allows him to own his own private training service.

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