Straight to the Pec: 5 moves for great pecs

Brandon Hahn May 23, 2012 Training Articles
Straight to the Pec: 5 moves for great pecs

The pecs or pectorals refer to the two muscle in your chest.  The pec major and pec minor make up your chest muscles.

Why does that matter? Always know the anatomy of what you make bounce in front of the ladies.

Gym rats know that the best pecs are built with big lifts.  

1. Start with compound movements and finish with isolation movements.
2. Do not get lost in lifting heavy, especially at first (i.e. 85% or more of your 1 rep max).
3. Focus on lifting in a moderate rep range of 10-12 reps.

Remember to warm-up properly by slowly increasing your weights on each set. Alright, enough small talk, let’s make those pecs bounce!

Move 1: Hit your upper pecs by doing sets of incline barbell bench and incline dumbbell bench.  Focus on squeezing your pecs as you lift the weight.  Do NOT get caught up in just pushing the weight and using bigger dumbbells.  Bodybuilders like Kai Greene and the oldies like Frank Zane are Zen Masters of focus.

Move 2: It’s time to hit the middle portion of your chest.  Flat dumbbell bench allows you to get a better range of motion.  A better range allows for more fibers to be drawn into the lift.  If you have any shoulder issues, please use caution.

Move 3: The lower portion cannot be neglected.  Decline dumbbell bench or dips with a wide grip will do best.  These moves will allow for a nice rounded pec and no man boobs.  Be sure to squeeze here, your pecs and the ladies will thank you.

Move 4: Be sure to isolate the chest to really finish it off.  The incline dumbbell flye provides isolation and a solid stretch in the chest.  Squeeze and squeeze some more and the pain will pay off.

Move 5:  The best way to finish off the chest is by testing your manhood.  Pushups are a true test of strength.  Don’t slack off and only do a few as a finisher.  Pushups require almost every muscle in the body to fire.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to put that machine to the test.

Five moves and it’s time to hit the showers.  Write down your weights and focus on beating them next time.  A rock hard chest requires the right moves and big weights.  The big weights will come with time.  Remember to bring your best every time you step in the gym!

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