Is a Testosterone Booster Right for You if You’re Under 21?

Team AX May 24, 2012 Supplement Articles

Testosterone boosters are made to sound powerful. Ads for them promise massive increases in size, strength, and performance. They even promise that you’ll lose weight at the same time.

Not likely. From the onset of puberty and through your mid to late 20’s, your body produces a tremendous amount of testosterone.  And, this helps explain why men in this age group, compared to men in their 30’s and 40’s, have an easier time gaining muscle and losing fat.  So it stands to reason that using a testosterone booster between the ages of 18 – 21 will offer little to no significant benefits.

But the real issue is this. During this time, your endocrine system is still developing.  Manipulating the hormonal system at a young age may, or may not, result in long term side effects. At this point, there’s no research to know for certain. So it’s our belief that it’s best to error on the side of caution when you’re under 21, and save yourself a few extra bucks while you’re at it!

So what are the best supplements to use when you’re under 21? Consider combining these three products to help speed muscle growth, improve strength, and fuel your recovery.

Creatine Monohydrate

We recommend that you start first with a high quality creatine monohydrate. Creatine has been the subject of more than 300 clinical studies, and growing. And, it’s clinically proven to help significantly increase lean muscle, strength, and sports performance.

If you’re eager for fast results, creatine can deliver these benefits in as little as 5 days when you follow the proper loading program.

When shopping for a creatine, make sure you choose a brand that uses Creapure® creatine monohydrate. This form of creatine has the lowest levels of impurities, and is the purest on the market.

A Pre-Workout Formula

To get the best results your workout, consider taking a pre-workout before you train. A high quality pre-workout formula can help you reach your strength, muscle growth and performance goals faster.

For example, using a pre-workout before you train can help boost physical energy. This can help you lift heavier and increase the number of reps you perform, which is critical for progressive muscular development. A quality pre-workout can also improve mental focus and strengthen the mind-muscle connection.

And finally, a pre-workout formula can help increase blood flow to your muscles. Not only will your muscles look bigger, but they’ll become more hydrated too, which is essential for protein synthesis (muscle growth).

Whey Protein

When you workout, you tear down your muscles. To help them repair and grow bigger, you need more protein. Whey protein is a complete protein that absorbs incredibly fast. This makes it perfect for post workout use, as amino acids can quickly be delivered to damaged muscle tissue.

As a general rule, make sure you consume at least 1 to 1.5g of protein per pound of lean body mass. This will help ensure optimal muscle growth and recovery from your training.

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