Interview with Team AX Athlete Gene Bergeron

Brandon Hahn May 28, 2013 Athletic Xtreme News

Gene Bergeron is simply an amazing person.  He has overcome so much in life and yet he continues to keep pushing.  After a serious injury that left him paralyzed, Gene had to make a decision.  He knows life will remain an uphill battle, but that does not stop Gene for one second.  Getting a background on Gene was a must, so we sat down for an interview.

What got you started in exercise?

It started in school P.E. class got the ball rolling. After that,I wanted to be as fit as possible. I started doing everything from running to basic exercise’s. Push ups, pullups, sit ups, arms and legs. I loved the feeling of being fit.

What made you decide to become a wrestler?

Since the first time I saw it on TV I was hooked. It consumed my life and became my dream. Wrestling was my escape from every day life. The story lines and guys drew me in. When given the chance I jumped on it. Loved every second of training and performing. Best of all it demanded I’d be in shape to be perform.

What made you choose to become a bodybuilder?

As I stated it started in school and reading Muscle Mag, IronMag, Flex, and others. Lou, Arnold, and others caught my eye.I wanted be like them. The bug really bit me when I came across David and Peter Paul aka The Barbarian Brothers. I did not compete until after my injury when I was asked to help build wheelchair bodybuilding. I wanted to help bring attention to the sport. Which continues to be wcbb-ers goals.

How do you have so much drive & motivation?

I’ve always been driven. Life has thrown me some bad pitches,but I keep swinging. My motivation is my wife and two daughters. I need to be around for them as long as I can. Our lives aren’t easy,then again who’s is? I look at life for what it is. Letting it beat me down is not going to happen. Keep moving forward!

What are your future plans with exercise?

To remain as healthy as possible. I’ve had a rough year so far. AX has stood by me all the way. Hopefully to continue to gain lean mass and better conditioning. As a handcyclist I want to do charity rides as a way of given back. A pro card is my ultimate goal as a bodybuilder. I’ll keep chipping away as long as I can.

Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

I’ll leave with this. Follow your dreams and make them come true. If you don’t play the game you can’t win.

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