How to become a bodybuilder

Brandon Hahn January 2, 2013 Training Articles
How to become a bodybuilder

You’ve got decent size compared to your friends. They all make smart comments about your size in some fashion. Some call you “diesel” others may say “mighty mouse”, no matter the comment, it has you thinking about taking the next step. So, it’s time to start dedicating yourself to bodybuilding. What now? What are the steps? Is there some hazing period? If you are thinking about taking the step, keep reading.

What now?

Life is going to get a lot better. When you choose to focus on improving your life, it is always going to be better. Bodybuilding is no different. Your diet will become more focused, and so will your improvements. You will see better PR’s (Personal Record), a leaner physique, and a sense of well being. You may be thinking “why will all of this happen?” It will happen because you will begin to focus on your diet and less on outside distractions. These dietary changes will allow greater gains through better nutrition. Your body will be able to feed off these essential nutrients. No more stuffing your face with Taco Bell, even if it was once or twice per week.

Your training will also be more focused. You will detail as much as possible without losing sanity. The occasional period of going by feel will come and pass. Like a coach, you will want to map things out to ensure you have progression. You will become more of an artist and analyze your physique. You will find weaknesses only to exploit them. You will become one badass machine that is virtually indestructible.

What are the steps?

The steps are quite simple, but can be complex. There are no true steps to becoming a bodybuilder. The thing you need to understand is that your body is your job. You do not lie, cheat, or steal, and you are always on time.

The lying would be no more lying to yourself with excuses. You will work out as scheduled, and if an issue presents itself you will find a way to overcome it. If you are in a pinch, you will find the right emergency meal to get you out of the pinch. Why spend as much time as you do in the gym, only to feel even more guilty for missing a workout. Stay focused, and as always plan accordingly.

The cheating comes in various forms. If you have a cheat meal, plan accordingly. You are no longer a buffet binge eater. You are consuming fuel. That fuel should not be some cheap economy grade. We are talking about real performance grade racing fuel. No more cheat reps, because they get you nowhere. Every rep counts and you are about being efficient. Why waste time in the gym? Wasting time can lead to overtraining. Overtraining leads to muscle wasting (among many other negative side effects).

Stealing is irrelevant here, and no real analogies. However, being on time is the most important aspect. You need to pick exercise as high on your list as possible. Family should not take a backseat, but do not allow family excuses to overtake your goals. Bodybuilding and family DO mix (ask my wife).

The hazing period

There is no true hazing period in bodybuilding. We each go about it in our own fashion. There will be mistakes along the way. Ideas, thoughts, etc. will alter as you progress. Such is life. The biggest factor is to allow yourself time. Do not pressure yourself into thinking you will become an overnight sensation. This sport requires years of dedication, not days or even weeks. Give it time and you MUST enjoy the ride.

The rest is on you. Develop your training based on the knowledge you acquire. Find what works best for YOU. The diet you choose must suit your body type and your needs. Do not fall prey to what the masses feel, just find what works for you. Again, the key is to stick with it. At this point, you are ready to begin a life altering journey. One filled with many rewarding experiences. You will also gain a sense of pride like no other. This sport requires 24/7 dedication, and anything less is not acceptable.

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