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Brandon Hahn October 22, 2014 Athletic Xtreme News

The all-new intra-workout powerhouse is already generating buzz online. Athletic Xtreme’s newest formulation is soon to hit the shelves and has been featured on Stack3d Supplement News. It will also be discussed in some podcast episodes that have been scheduled based on the growing buzz of the Gym Juice launch. You’ll be “on the juice” in no time!

Recent Buzz

Here is a piece from the Stack3d article:

Details on Athletic Xtreme’s upcoming supplement Gym Juice, which we first got a look at back in early September, have finally come in. The product was originally expected to be a multi-window amino, promoting just a few highlights with 7g of aminos, and zero caffeine, carbohydrates and sugar. – Stack3d “Athletic Xtreme release everything you need to know about Gym Juice”

There has also been interest from some popular sports podcasts, which those podcasts dates & times will be announced soon.

There is also a live Q&A coming soon, details will be announced soon.

Product Info

The Gym Juice promotional video has been completed and you can check it out below:

To view the full product write-up along with the supplement panel info, check that info out here: www.athleticx.net/products/gym-juice

A quick look at the product write-up:


Gym Juice contains high-quality ingredients to promote intra-workout performance levels. It contains di- and tri- peptides, along with other key ingredients, to ensure you are no longer grinding out reps, and smashing PR’s! These key ingredients will rev up your metabolism and energy production, and it is completely stim free!

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