Gym etiquette

Brandon Hahn May 14, 2013 Training Articles
Gym etiquette

Who doesn’t love going to the gym? Well, people not reading this article, but that’s beside the point. It’s a place to de-stress and unwind. You become your own in the gym. No one decides things for you, because you are your own boss. Unfortunately, every gym has a set of rules. They are simple to follow, but it’s unfortunate when people don’t. Why? Because it’s a sign of laziness, and it’s got to stop!

1. Rack your weights

This is simply a must. I don’t care if you are lifting 200 pound dumbbells, rack them! Sure, you may be tired, but you picked them up, you put them back. You didn’t pay someone to clean up after you. The gym membership allows you to use the equipment, which means if you use it, put it back the same way you got it. It will only be a laughable situation when someone has to pick that weight up, and drops it on your foot when they try to put it back.

2. Pull up your shorts

Wear the appropriate gear people, and find the right fit. There is no person in their right mind that needs to wear clothes that do not fit. Seriously, it’s a hazard. Especially if you are slowing me down because you need to hold up your drawers. If you need to keep pulling up your shorts, I can bet that you have no idea how to perform a squat. If you cannot dress appropriately, take yourself, and your Justin Bieber filled ipod elsewhere.

3. Sew the sleeves back on

On any other surface, follow those rules. In basketball, I’m sure your lanky arms would work well. At the gym, a muscle shirt needs to be a right of passage. It’s bad enough that the squat rack becomes your personal curling station. The last thing we all want to see is you flexing your arms to check for progress. As a fitness enthusiast, you are an artist. What artist wants to expose their artwork prior to an exhibit? NOT ONE. Display the canvas when it’s ready!

4. Stand, don’t sit

If you need to wrap your knees, find a chair. Otherwise, do not use whatever piece of equipment that is closest as your personal resting station. Someone may want to get on that, and they shouldn’t have to ask if you are using it. It’s common courtesy, no matter the size of the gym. You need to keep moving after your sets anyways, so this should not be a problem.

5. Learn how to exercise

You did pay for a membership, so you have the right to use the equipment. You NEED to know how to use it correctly. Even if it’s “embarrassing” to use the free (or usually free) introductory exercise orientation, you still need to use it. Otherwise, you risk serious injury. Even if you decide to try something from a magazine, grab a trainer to get some assistance. Most trainers would rather help you for a minute than see you get hurt.

Hopefully you follow these rules to a T. Otherwise, you may be in for a rude awakening at the gym. Some are respectful of people, however rule breakers generally are the first to be called out. Plus, it’s simply etiquette. There is no need to not follow a few simple rules. If you simply don’t want to follow the rules, it’s time to setup your own basement gym. Your gym along with society, do not need someone being disrespectful. Respect is earned, end rant.

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