Getting rid of the Freshman 15

Brandon Hahn January 28, 2013 Nutrition Articles

Things happen, right? I mean, you are on your own. Scavenging for food for the first time. You are a “poor” college kid on a budget. Yet, somehow those pallets of ramen noodles, easy mac, and banquet dinners have caught up to you. What the hell happened? You weren’t supposed to be the one who gained 15 pounds. You were an athlete, and barely had time to sit in high school. Well, guess what, it happened. Instead of complaining about it, start doing something about it. It’s time to put down the beer and pick up exercise.

Step 1. Control yourself

It’s easy to get caught up in books and partying. It’s even easier to eat after those parties. In between classes, it’s a quick snack, and off to another class. Yes, you do walk from class to class, but that’s obviously not enough.

  • You need to control what you eat.
  • Plan ahead, and keep a schedule.
  • Eat small meals, and stop random snacking
  • Limit the partying

I was a poor college student once. Believe it or not, for a decent meal, it’s quite easy and cheap. There are canned foods that you can and should rinse prior to eating. Head to the store and pick up some brown rice and canned tuna fish. You may not have a stove, but you have a microwave. Do not make life harder than it needs to be. Yes, tossing in a pack of ramen is easy. You see where that got you. Find meals that can be cooked in the microwave. You can do the same thing with eggs.

Step 2. Go to the gym

Lucky for you that most universities and colleges have a fitness facility. Some are top notch, and others are simply decent. Regardless of scenario. Get in the gym. Start exercising. There are plenty of programs to follow. Check out our personal training app at athleticx.net and follow the steps. The path to success is in front of you, so follow it, and stop trying to cut through the grass to get there.

  • Begin with at least 3 days of weights for 30-45 minutes per session.
  • Add in 2 to 3 sessions of cardio for 20-30 minutes per session.
  • Utilize the training app mentioned above (it’s quick, easy, and EFFECTIVE)
  • Stay motivated by keeping track of your progress (keep a training and weight loss log)

Step 3. Surround yourself with positivity

You make friends in college, it’s what happens. These friends should support your goals, and have similar goals. If your friends are always out partying or lounging with snacks you will be susceptible to that as well. People that are at the gym regularly (rain, snow, or shine) are a good group to befriend. These are the ones that stay motivated and on the right track.

It’s time to get moving! Start gaining control of your actions and your life. Get into the gym, hit the weights, and then cardio. Find people that can support your goals. College is going to be the best time of your life. It’s a whole new culture. Instead of chugging it like doing a keg stand, learn to sip it like a fine wine. Life moves way too fast, so you need to pay attention and not every once in awhile. You’re still here?!

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