AXlete Chelsea Durkalec: National Level Gymnast Turned Gym Junkie

Brandon Hahn April 23, 2013 Athletic Xtreme News

Everyone has a reason to begin exercise. For some it’s a choice between life and death. Others, it may be to continue on with maintaining health. Chelsea was a national level gymnast, but after years of training she decided her body needed a break. Chelsea decided that the life of a typical college student wasn’t for her and she needed more. The gym is her sanctuary and has allowed her to make a fantastic transition from gymnast to pure gym junkie!

What led you to start exercising?

I competed as a national level gymnast for 12 years. After senior year of highschool, my body could not handle the stress of gymnastics and I decided not to continue. I then started exercising for the first time out of gymnastics and fell in love with it.

Why did you choose to begin competing?

After getting very serious about working out, I had a couple individuals tell me that I should compete. I was not ready for the commitment right away. After a year and a half of serious exercising, I decided I wanted something to show for my hard work and gave competing a try.

What is life like outside of exercising?

Outside of exercising, I am a typical 20 year old girl. I am a college student, majoring in nutrition. I spend my free time hanging out with friends, shopping, and going out dancing. I am also personal training certified and I love coaching my clients in my free time.

What’s a typical day like for you?

A typical day during school and competition season would be: AM workout, breakfast, morning classes, lunch break/homework, afternoon classes, PM workout, dinner, nutrition club/homework/hang with friends.

What has been your biggest accomplishment?

So far my biggest accomplishment was winning overall at my very first show.

What are your future plans in this sport?

My plans for this sport is to switch from competing in the NPC to natural shows (maybe become pro), for a few years to gain more knowledge and experience. Then I will switch back to the NPC when I feel ready to make it to being an IFBB professional.

If you want to keep up with Chelsea and her journey to becoming an IFBB pro, check out her Facebook Fanpage!

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