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Team AX March 10, 2011 Athletic Xtreme News

And guess what that means? It means YOU are going to get Bigger, Badder, and Stronger too. So where did we go? We went back to the lab for you; back to redesign the Xtreme approach we take to building the best bodies in the world – so that we can help YOU build an even better body. We’ve implemented a lot of important changes, and here’s the first piece of GREAT news for you!


AX Joins The Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG) Certification Program

With the rapidly changing climate in today’s bodybuilding and sports nutrition industry, quality control and contamination has become the focal point of concern for AX as we strive to provide additional protection for our consumers. Recently, AX has engaged Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG) to have ALL of its products tested and/or certified by BSCG. It is the primary and ongoing goal of AX for every batch of every product to be certified by BSCG so that you can rest assured that AX products are free from dangerous, illegal, or banned substances.

BSCG is headed by Dr. Don Catlin the banned substance guru and world renowned scientist who has been at the forefront of athletic drug testing and banned substance detection since its inception. BSCG was established by professionals and scientists with decades of experience in anti-doping analysis and the detection of banned substances. These are the very substances you will find banned by organizations such as the IOC, NFL, NCAA, and MLB. Since the term “Athletes” includes recreational fitness and physique enthusiasts, not all athletes are subject to rules that prohibit the use of certain dietary supplement ingredients. Therefore, some AX products may contain ingredients that are prohibited by some sports organizations although they are safe, legal dietary ingredients. Rest assured that while not every product will be certified by BSCG as free from substances prohibited by sports, ALL the products in the AX line contain safe, legal dietary ingredients and have been tested and approved by BSCG as free from banned substances not indicated on the label. Look for the BSCG certification seal to appear on AX products in the near future.

And speaking of quality control, that’s just the beginning.

AX partners with several new independent labs.

“What’s in YOUR wallet,” scowls an angry barbarian in one credit card company’s successful advertising campaigns. But that very question also applies to the very supplements you ingest on a daily basis. According to third party testing companies, more than a quarter of finished dietary supplement products sold in the US, and as much as 85% of certain ingredients, have been adulterated or mislabeled in some way. As a result, AX has pledged to employ several new quality control procedures that range from adulteration and contamination testing to additional material screenings.

The second step employed by AX to ensure quality control includes AX’s partnering with several new independent labs registered with the FDA to provide expert pre-production chemical analysis and quality control. As an example, Advanced Botanical Consulting & Testing has been instrumental in verifying the purity and presence of pure D-Aspartic acid in AX’s Hard FX and TST PowerCell formulations. Using optical rotation (the only way to test for pure D-Aspartic acid), ABC Testing confirmed that both Hard FX and TST PowerCell contain 98.96% pure D-Aspartic acid. This is important because D-Aspartic acid is far more difficult to produce and obtain compared to the “L” and “DL” forms. And, D-Aspartic acid is growing rapidly in popularity today. Having been clinically demonstrated to raise natural testosterone levels by almost 50% in 13 days, D-Aspartic acid is of great interest to many natural bodybuilders. And speaking of natural…

WNBF/INBF Approved

The WNBF/INBF is one of the most prestigious natural bodybuilding organizations today. As if building muscle naturally isn’t challenging enough, the list of approved sports supplements for competitive natural bodybuilders has been limited – until now. The WNBF/INBF has now approved clinically proven Mass FX for use by competitive natural bodybuilders. It is both an honor and a privilege to offer Mass FX to every dedicated natural bodybuilder today in our continued effort to deliver only the highest quality formulations. Clinically shown to add 134% more muscle mass, 800% more bench pressing strength, and to deliver massive increases in total and free testosterone, we believe the natural guys are about to get a whole lot bigger!

A New Year with New Products for a New You!

As you have noticed from surfing around the new website, AX has also completely revamped their entire product line-up. Wait, did we say “revamped?” No, we meant to say “revamped and rebuilt the next generation of bad-a$$, performance enhancing, mass building and fat shredding formulas.” There, that’s more like it. AX is proud to introduce the all new Pro Series line up of formulations, including Mass FX – The Destroyer, Hard FX, and Carnobolic. The Pro Series was exclusively formulated for those looking for Pro Results, and nothing shy of that. And, for those of you who believe there is no such thing as having too much power, AX has forged the NEW Power Pack series. It’s like throwing a 150 horse power supercharger onto your favorite mass building, strength inducing, and performance enhancing formulas to pull out even BIGGER results. And those bigger results are fueled by BIGGER doses too. Here is an example that we are positive you’ll benefit tremendously from.

Full Clinical Doses!

“Lose 30lbs of fat in 2 weeks,” claims company XYZ in the latest fitness magazine. Well, where’s the proof? In many of AX’s newest formulations, you will also find full doses of clinically proven ingredients. Scientific study and published clinical research marks the only true means by which an ingredient’s effectiveness can be quantitatively verified. Formulation is more than knowing which ingredients are hot, and which are not. It’s about knowing which ingredients are proven to safely deliver the biggest real-world results…because that’s what we’re all after, right? Right. That is why AX has paid special attention to ensure that you are receiving only the highest quality formulations fueled with superior ingredients at superior doses for superior results.

A Brand New You!

Think back to when you first got started. Who did you look up to? Whose physique inspired you the most? This year, AX is pulling out all the stops to help you build the best YOU ever; to help you become the inspiration to others. New formulas, more horse power, strict 3rd party purity testing, clinical doses of proven ingredients – you’ve got all the best tools to accomplish your goals, and we are proud to be a part of your journey and success! And still to come, in the days and months ahead, we will be rebranding the company (AX) from Anabolic Xtreme to Athletic Xtreme to properly position us as the safe and reliable tested supplement company that athletes can trust.

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