6 Ways to Introduce Your Girl to the Gym

Brandon Hahn March 19, 2013 Training Articles

The line all men in relationships fear, “babe, do I look fat?” Hesitation in the response is pure hell for the next few hours (sometimes days). You have mentioned going to the gym. However, thinking about her response makes you shake like a scared puppy. So, let’s look at six very different ways to get her into the gym.

1. Reward her

It may seem odd but rewarding good behavior works. Most women flock to fitness challenges for the reward. Nearly 60 percent of women would prefer a reward for exercising. The reward does not have to drain your wallet. A good choice would be going out to dinner. Adding a movie would be a huge bonus.

2. Compliment her body

Who doesn’t like a good compliment? It offers motivation and adds confidence. Honesty goes a long way with compliments. Focus on changes that you can see. Women tend to second guess compliments. So be sure to bring your “A” game. A nice compliment on slimmer thighs and waist are definite brownie points.

3. Be affectionate

Keep it PG at the gym, otherwise things can get weird. Be a bit touchy-feely though and this will add to her confidence. She needs to know that she’s wanted at the gym. Do not stick her on a treadmill and head to the squat rack. Stick close to her because she wants you to want her there. Oh… and there’s nothing sexier than teaching her how to do the stiff-legged deadlift!

4. Keep it moving

The gym does need to involve weights. Cardio machines are dreaded by all. Focus on activities you can do together. Things that are somewhat easier to help her learn. Showing her proper form for squats on the first day will lead to frustration.

Women really like abs and glutes. Focus on fun activities like tossing a medicine ball to each other. Calisthenic exercises like jumping jacks are also very simple. Add in new exercises as she gains confidence.

5. Wardrobe makeover

Even if a girl is dating, she still wants to feel attractive. Copying your tanktop and sweat pants attire will not work for her. Offer to take her to an athletic apparel store or the athletic apparel section at Victoria’s Secret (Yes, they do have one, not that I know personally or anything).  This will help her feel like she fits in with the other gym-goers.

6. Play together, stay together

When couples exercise together, they are over 40 percent more likely to stick to the routine. Not to mention that exercise releases endorphins. This will definitely lead to more time in the bedroom. Let’s also remember that a post workout shower is always in order.

There you have it, 6 ways to get her into the gym. They do not require much work and trying them will pay off. Just be sure to make her feel sexy and included. These will draw you closer and allow more intimacy. She may be a little hesitant but stay positive. It will pay off in the end. You’ll both be getting your cardio at the gym and at home!

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