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Team AX March 12, 2011 Supplement Articles

Do you want to make a wicked change in your muscularity and conditioning?  Kick ass man!  So let me ask you this…

Instead of gaining 6lbs of muscle, how would you like to build 10?  Instead of losing 4lbs of body fat, how would you like to obliterate 9?

Now, I’m not going to claim that these results are a given, because that’s when somebody buys Hard FX, follows this detailed advice, and then gulps down the beer and eats like crap for 8 weeks….AND


…then I get an email that reads, “Hey Craig, your Hard FX training advice sucks bro.”

File that under the “supp-whore” category…I know, it’s crazy, people think all they have to do is pop a pill and magic happens, so if that’s you, please don’t buy Hard FX.  In fact, if you bought it already, please RETURN IT.

I really only want serious athletes and bodybuilders who are ready to take advantage of this physique-altering approach and are ready to dial into their highest level of muscularity and conditioning…EVER…to use Hard FX. 

If that’s you, READ ON! If you’re a supp-whore who thinks supplements do all the work, read on anyways. I’m going to get you on the right track today even if it kills me.

And hey, even if you don’t want to buy Hard FX, I don’t care (I know, imagine a supp company saying that, right), because this article isn’t about that.  It’s about some really sick training tips and tactics, and getting these tools into your hands today so you can start making better gains.

Supplement Specific Training

Over my 17 years of bodybuilding experience, I have found certain supplements work better when your training compliments their benefits.  And, when I applied this belief to Hard FX, I had to write this article and share some of the really cool stuff I discovered…remember, you can still get some great benefits even if you’re not using Hard FX.   

Cool stuff as in…

•    20-40 times more Human Growth Hormone released into your blood during training
•    Enhanced excitation and release of anabolic insulin-like growth factors (IGFs)
•    Superior testosterone production through rep specific training
•    Increased availability of amino acids for protein synthesis (muscle growth)
•    Greater muscular strength
•    Enhanced muscle mass
•    Decreased fat mass

Are you ready?  Ok, let’s get you some!

Tip #1: Burn it out for more HGH.

HGH behaves as a powerful trigger for anabolism.  Not only does it promote muscle growth, but it promotes lipolysis too (break down of body fat).  In addition, HGH excites a third set of hormones with strong anabolic action…insulin-like growth factors (IGF).  Elevated IGF can increase the availability of amino acids for protein synthesis (muscle growth), and this can result in superior muscle tissue repair and growth.  And, get this…

Research shows that higher repetitions can release as much as 20 to 40 times more human growth hormone, above normal baseline values, into your blood!

So what’s the magic number to shoot for while training?  There’s two actually.  Perform 10-15 repetitions per set and rest NO MORE THAN 1-minute between each set.

KEEP THIS IN MIND:  If the burn ain’t causing you to contort your face into all sorts of funny ugly little grimaces, then pick up some more weight.

Tip #2:  Lift HEAVIER for more testosterone.

Lifting in the 5-6 rep range, with longer 2-3 minute rest intervals, packs on thick, dense muscle mass.  You know that…duh!  But did you know this?

Lifting in the 5-6 rep range also kicks your body’s testosterone producing machinery into overdrive – as in, your doc may think you’re on the juice if he were to test your blood in the middle of the workout!

The ideal weight to achieve this effect is roughly 85% of your one rep maximum.  For example, if your one rep max on the Dead Lift is 405lbs, you’ll want to work with 345lbs for five to six repetitions.  But there’s a key to making this work. Your resting time must be 2-3 minutes between sets…so all you guys jacked up on stims who can’t sit still…sit your ass down and rest.  Trust me, it’s worth it.

Tip #3:  Combine Tips 1-2 for a killer HGH/Test Combo workout.

To reap the benefits of elevated testosterone and HGH, follow the rule of 50/50.  For example, if you are training Back today, 50% of your back workout will be focused on heavy, testosterone induced lifting, while the other 50% of your back workout will be focused on higher repetitions for elevated HGH release.  This dynamic approach sets the stage for big mass gains and some wicked body fat reduction. Here’s a sample workout to put into practice.

The Hard FX Back Routine


Testosterone Focused

Dead Lifts: 3×5 (2-3 minute rest intervals)

Weighted Pull Ups: 3×5 (2-3 minute rest intervals)

HGH Focused


Cable Rows: 4×10-15 (1 minute rest intervals)

Close Grip Pull Downs: 4×10-15 (1 minute rest intervals)

Tip #4:  Take Advantage of the BIG 3

You know them, and I bet a million you probably hate 2 out of 3 of them…I’ll admit it, I certainly do.  The first is the bench press, which everyone loves to do, myself included. But the other two…well, they can suck ass while you’re doing them, but the gains are SOO worth it in the end.  I’m talking about the squat and the dead lift….hey, there’s a reason the leg press was invented, right!  Squatting is HARD!

But, here are two really good reasons to think otherwise about squatting and dead lifting.  It turns out that squatting and dead lifting will quite literally soak your blood in human growth hormone and testosterone. These two exercises require such an intense degree of motor unit recruitment that not only do they pack loads of muscle all over your body, but they crank your metabolism into over drive too…throw in the extra test, the increased HGH, the added muscle, and higher metabolism, all the synergistic benefits with Hard FX, and the natural athletes have the perfect recipe for a mass building, fat torching smack down.

I take Paypal, Visa, and Discover for all this free advice   I’m kidding…..!!!!

Tip #5:  Talk to me!

If these 4 tips are helpful to you, let me know what you think.  You see that “Facebook” icon at the top right on the screen?  Click it and drop us a message.  

I’ve got a ton more cool information that I uncovered along my 8 week Hard FX journey.  So if enough people want more of it, friend us, share it on Facebook, and tweet it or twat it or do whatever you do…just let us know!!!

See you soon!

P.S If anyone is thinking about taking Hard FX and enjoying the beer and wine more often than not…bite your tongue slackers and keep your emails to yourself!!  You’ve been forewarned!  Remember….Paypal, Visa, Discover….worth a shot, right?  LOL!

See ya next time!

Craig Richards

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