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What is Leucine Nitrate?

Last Updated: Jan 11, 2012 11:06AM MST
Leucine Nitrate is muscle building (anabolic) amino acid Leucine bonded with Nitrate (Nitric Oxide) to induce muscle pump and strength gains.

To get amino acids to your muscles, they need to be carried by the blood. Blood flow is dependent on open (dilated) blood vessels. Firstly, Leucine Nitrate is highly soluble in water. Secondly, as a nitrate, it serves to indirectly release nitric oxide, a powerful vasodilator, into your muscles. Thirdly, because nitrate is a permeation enhancer, Leucine Nitrate actually promotes its own absorption and the absorption of nutrients in its vicinity. If blood vessels are dilated, such as by an increase in nitric oxide levels, blood flows more easily, resulting in faster transport of nutrients to your muscles.  

All of this bodes well for bodybuilding athletes in search of maximum muscle mass and hardness. Scientists have established that leucine is the most effectively anabolic amino acid of them all. Combined with nitrate's  ability to indirectly release nitric oxide and stimulate vasodilation, this makes a powerful combination to build muscle and enhance muscle pumps by vasodialation. 

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