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Why do I need to take four caps with Axcite Magnum?

Last Updated: Jan 11, 2012 11:40AM MST
We are glad you asked because you're going to be surprised. Capsules come in specific sizes, and you can only fit so many milligrams into a given capsule or tablet. Guess what that means? Many of these over-the-counter formulas claiming "once daily" capsules/tablets for natural male enhancement are likely "fairy dusted" with ineffective and minimal amounts of active ingredients. By "fairy dusting" we mean adding ingredients to the ingredient panel that look good on paper but are given in minimal amounts. Or even worse, many times the "once daily tablets" contain illegal, untested, and potentially very dangerous analogs of prescription drugs, such as chemical relatives of Viagra and Cialis.
By telling consumers they only have to take one tablet daily, men think to themselves "Hey, that's quite a deal and sounds pretty easy." In reality though, one tablet daily with sub-par dosing ultimately delivers sub-par results, and you are not looking for sub-par results. It is no wonder why so many of these natural male enhancement pills don't work! In fact, in the small print is where you will find that disclaimer that the best results are achieved after 8 weeks of use. Well, how long after 8 weeks? 2 weeks after? 5 weeks after? 10 weeks after?
So while you will need to use four capsules daily of Axcite Magnum, you will also have the confidence in knowing that Axcite Magnum provides 1) a magnum dosing of highly effective ingredients, and 2) contains NO illegal prescription analogs.

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