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How should I take Lean FX?

Last Updated: Jan 11, 2012 11:11AM MST
Great question. On training days, consume one (1) capsule of Lean FX immediately upon waking. You will want to do this because upon waking, cortisol levels are typically on the rise. In a fasted state with no amino acids readily available to your muscle tissue to encourage growth, lean muscle mass may be lost.
On training days, your second serving will be taken with your post workout meal. Contrary to popular belief, muscle growth does not occur while you are in the gym. In fact, the opposite occurs. Lifting weights is damaging to your muscle fibers as they sustain significant levels of micro-trauma. Cortisol levels rise in response, and if left uncheck, may tear down your lean muscle mass further. So in addition to your high protein, high carbohydrate post workout drink, consume one (1) capsule of Lean FX immediately post workout. Your third serving will then be taken preferable 4-6 hours later.
On non-training days, divide your servings evenly throughout the day. For example, if you wake up at 6am, consume one (1) capsule of Lean FX at 6am with your breakfast, another capsule at mid-day (12pm), and your third capsule around 6pm in the evening.

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