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Last Updated: Feb 14, 2013 03:59PM MST
Lean FX is a non-stimulating advanced leaning agent specifically designed to assist users is modulating counter-productive cortisol levels.  For athletes, having too much cortisol can be counter-productive to achieving goals. An excess of cortisol can consume the amino acid building blocks of muscle tissue while encouraging fat storage. Needless to say, modulating cortisol can be a very effective means for athletes to maintain lean muscle mass.

Q: Is Lean FX safe for both men and women?
A: Absolutely, cortisol affects men and women the same way. If you are a women using birth control, however, please consult with your physician first. Lean FX contains ingredients that may interfere with some forms of birth control.

Q: When do I take Lean FX?
A: We recommend consuming your first serving in the morning. This serving can be taken with or without your breakfast meal. Cortisol levels are significantly higher during the waking hours. And, if your breakfast is high in carbohydrates, the corresponding rise in insulin coupled with high cortisol may encourage additional fat gain.

You can space your remaining two servings evenly throughout the day. For example, one capsule every six hours.

Note: On training days, we recommend that you avoid consuming a serving PRE-workout. While cortisol can have many undesirable effects on the body, elevated cortisol during training is quite favorable to performance. Cortisol helps reduce feelings of pain, fatigue and hunger while training. It increases energy, focus, wakefulness and strength in the gym. And it promotes even greater motivation. Without cortisol during your workouts, pushing through the pain barrier would simply be impossible. So for optimal performance in the gym and during your workouts, avoid consuming a serving of Lean FX pre-workout. 

Q: I am a drug tested athlete. Is Lean FX ok for me to use?
A: Lean FX contains two ingredients that are hormonal in nature. Those ingredients are AET (Androstenetriol) and 7-hydroxy-dehydroepiandrosterone. While these ingredients are safe and legal to use, we recommend that you check first with your testing organization. 

Q: Can I use Lean FX with other fat burners?
A: Yes. Combining Lean FX with your favorite stimulant fat burner can provide increased synergistic benefits. However, we do not recommend combining Lean FX with other products that further reduce cortisol, as this may result in unwanted side effects.

Q: Is Lean FX only good for losing fat?
A: No. Lean FX is also ideal for people wishing to add lean muscle mass while minimizing fat gain from following a higher calorie diet.

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