Luke Lomsdalen

Highland Games Heavy Events
2014 World Championship Bound!!!

About Luke

Im Luke Lomsdalen and Ive been an Athlete since birth. I’ve done almost every sport under the sun, but my one true love is the Highland Games Heavy Events

I have been doing the Games for 8 years now, 6 years just locally for fun, and the last 2 years I have been traveling around the nation competing. I compete in the Open A class on occassion, and am competitive in the class, but as a Lightweight(< 200lbs) I am one of the Elites. This is currently my third season competing as a light weight. In the past two years I have taken 3rd overall or better in every single non championship that I’ve entered. 


Light Weight Class Championship Experience

2012 Washington State Championship- 2nd place

2012 Rocky Mountain Regional Championship- 3rd place

2012 World Championship- 8th place

2013 Washington State Championship- 2nd place

2013 US National Championship- 3rd place

2013 Idaho State Championship- 1st place

2013 World Championship- 7th place

2014 US National Championship- 1st place!!



*The 3 time and still reining world champion lives here in my state, which is why I have yet to win my states title. He’s the person that got me into the sport, telling me if he could do it, I could do it. I cant wait to face him again this year, cause Im only getting better by the day thanks to Athletic Xtreme! I can honestly say it wouldnt be possible for me to compete at such a high level without my AX supplements. They have been the big game changer for me and needless to say, I fully back this company and all its products. Im living proof that they work, and work very well at that!



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