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If humans produce pheromones, then I should be able to establish that “instant sexual chemistry” without AXCITE™, right?

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2012 04:38PM MST
Unfortunately, due to evolution, our bodies no longer produce enough pheromones naturally, the vast majority of the time, to be sensed by the VNO and/or detecting mechanisms, and thus to stimulate this kind response in women. Our attention to hygiene, as a society, certainly doesn’t help either. In the shower, we wash off the pheromones we produce. We cover them up with the deodorants and colognes we wear, and our clothes prevent our pheromones from becoming airborne! But trust me, that doesn’t mean you should stop showering and wearing deodorant, or that you should run around naked! That’s a sure fire way to turn any woman off! But you can see why so many men have such a hard time establishing INSTANT sexual chemistry with women. Combined with our naturally low output of pheromones and our attention to hygiene, the common misconception developed that humans must not communicate with pheromones any longer.

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